E-Learning is less intimidating than instructor-led courses. Students taking an E-Learning course enter a risk-free environment in which they can try new things and make mistakes without exposing themselves. This characteristic is particularly valuable when trying to learn soft skills, such as leadership and decision-making. A good learning program shows the consequences of students’ actions and where/why they went wrong. After a failure, students can go back and try again. This type of learning experience eliminates the embarrassment of failure in front of a group. In SIMUMENTOR (from the words Simulation & Mentor) concept formative self-assessment are essential prerequisite in the navigation of the program tracking comprehension. The main objective providing scalable Interactive Learning service provision to underprivileged urban youths in Nairobi Eastland’s, Nyeri, Embu, Western and Mombasa that enables them to fully exploit their inherent potential and commercialize.


Economy is evolving to a knowledge-based economy. In the last four decades, economic and technological forces have transformed the world economy from a production-based economy to a service based economy. In the old economy, personal value and value creation were defined primarily through physical and financial assets. The new economy puts a premium on intellectual capital. However, the life of knowledge and human skills today is shorter than ever, increasing the pressure to remain at the forefront of education and training throughout a career. In the midst of globalization and technological revolution, four-year degrees are just the beginning of a forty-year continuing education. Life-long learning may be considered merely a buzzword today, but it is quickly becoming an imperative.


A paradigm shift in the way education is viewed and delivered. At the beginning of the new millennium, people view learning increasingly as a competitive weapon rather than an annoying cost factor. Business success depends more and more on high-quality individual performance, which in turn requires high-quality training. Youths in the informal settlements are beginning to understand that enhancing their skills is paramount to creating a sustainable competitive advantage. In the quest to remain competitive

Lack of skilled labour among the urban drives need for learning. More than a half of the KCPE graduates don’t attend secondary education in informal settlements. Tertiary education is not a choice to the significant majority.


Cross-cutting Issues

The girl child is conspicuously absent in the entertainment industry. Among the UAO registered groups ladies are less than twenty percent. The life cycle of girls predisposes them to early maturity and motherhood distracting them to pursue careers. UAO will reserve and prioritize special enrolment slots to the girl child.

Limited English proficiency attributable to early school dropping rates renders challenges in the curriculum delivery. We have devised very interactive learning applications employing appealing schemes like digital game based learning.

HIV AIDS remains a menace among the youths. The HIV prevalence rats in the informal settlements are above the national average and worse of all lack of access to medical care results to premature deaths.

Inadequate development infrastructure like training centre’s, production facilities and networks.


Blended Learning Service provision

SIMUMENTOR is an integrated and self-contained approach to instruction designed to suit artist with various learning styles. The system is partially automated as it uses interactive teaching learning applications laced with individual and cooperative learning routines.

Given our deep acquaintance with artists the instructional problem is partially clarified, learning objectives and aggregate artist existing knowledge and skills have led to tailor made courses.


Note: The commitment Fee is highly subsidized by the UAO to enable underprivileged urban youth residing in Nairobi Eastland’s, Nyeri, Embu, and Western and Mombasa informal settlements access. The learners who will be unable to pay the commitment fee will be given work-study and in extreme cases total waiver.

Custom Curriculum Design

There exist infinite learning resources inform of textbooks, audio books, charts, animations and other freeware. We do intend to convert the freeware in form that can be utilized by the artists and the community. UAO understands the supremacy of the community loyalty to have intimate relations with the community and a range of spin off will be utilized as a show of goodwill and empathy to the Nairobi Eastland’s Community. The following is a list of spin offs that have been improvised to cater for the general community.