In the community event at Muko Sector Musanze District Uwezo Youth empowerment and save the children Rwanda in the project they have together called influencing national state accountability on the right of children and youth with disability in Rwanda, on this Tuesday they hosted the event by remanding the community and national states about their roles on the right of children and youth with disability.

This activity started by the short remand done by the executive secretary of sector she was remanding the community about the government activity like security, hygiene and health insurance(mutual de santé) especial emphasized on hygiene as key to health after that she gave time to the team called theater for change to perform their theater.

The theater was about how children with disability being abuse by their parents at home and be the same when they get at school and even those how got chance to finish their studies doesn’t get jobs according to the employers who don’t think that people with disability can work like everyone else do.

After the theater the community was given the time to correct same mistakes that was made by the character in the theater it was a good idea because the community followed nicely theater and they was able to correct the mistakes was made by the mother to take her child with disability as a burden to her and also the mistakes that have made by the teacher to not let the child with disability study like everyone else and also the employers has to know that a person with disability even though she\he cannot go out to work in mountains but they can sit down and work properly and bring in the success of a company.

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