IMEKUBALIWA translated means

‘It’s APPROVED’ – A Sign of approval

UWEZO translated means

‘EMPOWERMENT’ ‘Talent’, ‘capacity’, ‘ability’

the translated words are from the language OF swahili spoken througHout east africa.


Uwezo Awareness Organization (UAO) is one amongst the initial seven implementing partners within the framework of the Civil Society Urban Development Programme (CSUDP) funded by the Swedish Foreign Ministry and Embassy in Kenya. Under this program, it has implemented the ‘IMEKUBALIWA Initiative’ since 2011.

The ‘IMEKUBALIWA Initiative’ seeks to nurture performing arts among the youth residing in urban informal settlements towards human rights, peaceful co-existence and good governance.

To achieve this, the IMEKUBALIWA initiative’ uses the following objectives;

1. Interactive Learning service provision to underprivileged urban youths in Nairobi Eastland’s, Nyeri, Embu, Western and Mombasa that enables them to fully exploit their inherent potential and commercialize

2. Deepened understanding  on peaceful coexistence, governance and human rights  through collaborative application of music and performing arts

3. Establish a platform for mentorship with successful music and performing art industry players