The Civil Society Urban Development Programme (CSUDP) in Kenya provides a framework for continued support to Kenyan Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the field of urban development. Initially supported by and anchored on the Swedish Government (through the Embassy of Sweden, Nairobi) strategy for cooperation with Kenya (2009-2013), CSUDP is designed to address some of the urgent needs in the priority sector of urban development, recognizing the need for increased coordination and leveraging the reserve of best practices to inform urban policy and design of pro-poor urban interventions as well as upholding the rights approach to basic service provision.

CSUDP further recognizes the role that CSOs can play from their vantage position of being close to communities coupled with their ability to engage in government initiatives and policy making at various levels of governance. Three pillars that define the intervention scope of the programme are aligned to coordination, access to basic services and shelter and urban policy, with a primary interest on the urban poor.